A call for art collection

How you look at things can change everything


Participate with your art in a European project to break the prejudices that affect homeless people!

We are looking for amateur and professional artists who would like to create an art piece, with a social and optimistic perspective, to help us transform the image of people sleeping on the streets.

The aim of this initiative is to create an international art collection that will be exhibited and published in various European cities and featured in an access free digital collection –under the Creative Commons license– so that NGOs, companies, institutions, and individuals have access to optimistic and transformative visual resources related to homelessness.

  • What? Visual proposals can be submitted in any category of visual art, photography, graphic design, or any other form of permanent expression that can be exhibited in a digital collection or art display.
  • Who? Amateur or professional artists who have a social vision, and who want to make art around the topic of homelessness, always with a transformative and optimistic will. The call is open to homeless, ex-homeless and non-homeless people.
  • How? Proposals can be submitted here:submit here
  • When? The call is open from March 24th till June 30th 2021 (deadline prolonged)
  • And then? All art pieces submitted will be part of a digital collection. An international jury will select some of the works to be exhibited in each country.
  • Do you have any doubts? We are here to help. We want to make this project accessible to everyone. Write us at looktalkactmenhelyhu or contact us on social media and we will solve any queries you might have.

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This initiative is part of Let’s Talk About Homelessness: Learning as a Tool for Social Integration of Homeless People, a project funded by Erasmus+, carried out by four European organisations. The aim of #HomelessTalk (acronym for the project) is to promote the participation of people who live or have lived on the streets and involve them in actions to raise awareness. In addition to the digital collection created thanks to the submitted art pieces, the project also includes the publication of a manual of good practices in the field of homelessness and how to raise awareness on the issue.

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About the International Jurors:


Camilo Mendez: Artist and poet. He lived in the street. Now is about to publish his second poetry book.

Samantha Bosque (president): Artist and graphic designer. Among other social art projects, she portraited the 9 Homeless Fonts authors.


Regina Amer: Founder of HOPE Austria/Österreich, which is a subsidiary of HOPE Europe. HOPE helps homeless and former homeless people in various areas, including establishing and maintaining connections to Organizations and each other.


Andreas Pitz: He was the the curator of the Exhibiton "Kunst trotz(t) Armut". This was a collection of Art about Poverty and from Artists, who have experience in poverty. This Exhibition was highly successful in Germany.


Eva Matkuliaková: Art and sewing teacher, fashion and costume designer and producer (Ty-Gallery).

Tomáš Kubiš: Project manager, social worker, and actor of Divadlo bez domova.


Béla Kovács: Artist, graphic designer.

Réka Szenográdi: Social worker and art director of the Fedél Nélkül street paper.

László Balogh: Pulitzer Prize winning photographer.