The aim of the project called ”Equal opportunities for homeless people” is to fight against the worsening legal situation, the criminalisation of homeless people, because those determine the existence of the homeless.
Also the goal is to reduce the disadvantages caused by discrimination.

The Shelter Foundation has a decade of experience in projects promoting protection of rights, or reduction of prejudice. During this project we will broadening our knowledge, and share the results with other organizations of the sector, NGO’s, or informal communities. We will help the other service providers to prepare for the circumstances caused by the new legislations on the use of public places by homeless people.
We also support their efforts to reach the stakeholders, and to influence the decision making process.
On the other hand we raise public awareness by personal experiences through real life stories of homeless people. So that our work will be helped by the emerging tolerance of the society.

Our project is supported by EEA/Norway Grants.